Size Guide

Getting Sizes right can be difficult. The reality is that every brand has a different way of making garments and so there is no standardised fits. A Medium in one brand could be like a Large in a different brand.

To help you with fittings we have developed this guide to give you a better idea of what to expect. If you are not sure of your size, check some of the garments you own that fit you well. This will give you an idea of what fit you need.

S/M/L Chest Waist Neck / Collar
Inch CM Inch CM Inch
Extra Small 34" 86.5 28" 71 14"
Small 36" 91.5 30" 76 14.5"
Small to Medium 38" 96.5 32" 81 15"
Medium 39" 99 33" 83.8 15.5"
Medium 40" 101.5 34" 86.5 15.75"
Medium to Large 41" 104 35" 89 16"
Large 42" 106.5 36" 91.5 16.5"
Large to Extra Large 43" 109 37" 94 17"
Extra Large 44" 112 38" 96.5 17.5"
Double Extra Large 46" 117 40" 101.5 18"
Triple Extra Large 48" 122 42" 106.5 18.5
Four XL 49" 124.5 43" 109 19"
Five XL 50" 127 44" 112 19.5
Six XL 52" 132 46" 117 20"
Seven XL 54" 137 48" 122 21"
Eight XL 56" 142 50" 127 22"
Leg Lengths Inches CM's
Extra Short (XS) 27 - 28" 68.5 - 71
Short (S) 29 - 30" 73.5 - 76
Regular (R) 31 - 32" 78.75 - 81.5
Long (L) 33 - 34" 83.75 - 86.5
Extra Long (XL) 35 - 36" 89 - 91.5


Trouser / Jeans Sizing

All trousers / jeans / chinos are sized with the waist first (in inches) followed by the leg length (S = short R = regular L = long)

So for example 32R is the same as 32x32 and 36S is the same as 36x30.

Please keep in mind that each brand fits differently so may not be exactly as stated.



Shirts come in Extra Slim, Slim, Body, Tapered, Modern, Regular and Comfort fits.

Generally casual shirts will come Small, Medium, Large etc. while formal shirts will be sized according to Neck or Chest.

The fits available depend on the brand. Generally extra slim, slim and body are tight or neat fitting. Tapered and modern are shaped but have room while regular and comfort are loose fitting.



Suits generally come nested, that is, a jacket and trouser together. Some suits are Mix and Match, that is, the Jackets, trousers and waist coats are sold separately so you can get whatever size you want.

Every suit brand has a different fit and even within brands suits can come in different fits. 

Suits come in Extra Slim, Slim, Tapered, Regular and Comfort fits. The way suits are cut and the fabrics they are made from will all have an affect on the fit.


Regular - Slight room on waist, straight from thighs to ankle, generally 15" - 16" leg opening depending on brand.

Straight - Slight room on waist and thighs, straight from knee to ankle, generally 14" - 15" leg opening depending on brand.

Bootcut - Room on waist and thighs, tapered out from knee to ankle, generally 16" - 17"

Slim - Slight room on waist, neat on thighs, slim from knee to ankle, generally 13" - 14" leg opening

Slim taper - Slight room on waist, neat on thighs, tapered in from knee to ankle, generally 12" - 13" leg opening depending on brand

Skinny - Neat on waist and thighs, skinny from knee to ankle, generally 10" - 11" leg opening 


Tommy Hilfiger Menswear : Generally neat Regular Fit, not overly big, Slim fit is Slim

Gant : Generally regular fitting shirts, knitwear and outerwear. Regular fit is comfortable without being too big. Some Slim fit shirts and polos. Slim is slim.

Casa Moda : Comfort fit is loose , Casual fit is slightly shaped but not neat. Modern Fit Shirts are Tapered but not slim

Bugatti : Modern Fit is Tapered but not slim

Calvin Klein : Slim without being too neat on body. Regular Fit is generous without being too big.

Olymp : Modern Fit shirts are tapered without being neat, Comfort Fit is very loose

Farah : The Farah mainline (gold "F") is generally slim fitting. The Farah classics range (silver "F") is generally Modern Fit, not too big but not Slim.

XV Kings : Generally Slim Fit. Some items may require a bigger size.

Herbie Frogg : Slim fit without being too tight.

Remus Uomo: Generally a brand that is more fitted.

Remus Uomo Suits range from Extra Slim to Slim to Tapered. Extra Slim suits are tighter on the arms and legs but are roughly the same as slim on the chest and waist. Tapered are shaped to give a fitted look but with more room on the chest, waist, arms and legs. 

Remus Uomo Shirts come in Slim and Tapered. The Remus slim is tight to the body with narrow arms while the tapered gives more room on the body and arms without being too big.

If you have any questions regarding fits please get in touch, we would be happy to answer.




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