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The Grand Re-Opening!

Following the Irish Government's phased re-opening of the economy, as a small retail outlet, we are allowed to open once again on Monday 8th of June.

It has been a long 12 wees closed but strangely feels like it has flown by!?! 

In preparation for the grand re-opening we have made a few adjustments to our shop. The most noticeable will be the protective screen around the check out area. This screen is required to protect both staff and customer while it is necessary to be within two meters while checking out.

We have rearranged some of our floor units to make it easier for customers to move around and maintain social distance however, with the layout of our shop it is relatively easy for people to naturally keep their distance behind the floor units.

We have installed some floor markings to direct the flow of people, particularly around the entrance and we are asking people to turn either left or right on entering and allow people leaving the shop to walk through the centre.

Because of the size of our shop and in line with HSA requirements, we can only permit 6 customers at any one time into the premises. If there are six people already in the shop, we respectfully request that you wait outside until one leaves or come back at a later time. 

Our staff will be wearing face masks while on the shop floor, this is a precautionary measure and is being done out of respect for our customers.

Finally, we wish to thank all of our brilliant customers who have supported us through the last twelve weeks by continuing to shop with us online. It has helped us come through this difficult time and we are forever grateful.

It's good to be back! 

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